Monday, November 30, 2015

Students may have the desire to learn, but it is not certain that they do so

- Motivated students have always wanted to learn. Motivated students are hungry for knowledge. They are curious about the new challenges, and they are often conscious both the result and the learning process. The big question is how I motivate learners? How do you motivate the so called the weak, the strong, those in between, those who can not read, those who should have been somewhere else and those unable to get to school?

My expectations for a school day is that students show up on time and are eager to learn. I think that the clearer my expectations are, the easier it will be for students to meet them in terms of learning content. I expect that students are curious and do my best for that to continue to be so.

It is rather few students who feel that all subjects and all they do in school is interesting and fun. But my contention is that students still can be motivated. You will be motivated when you feel that something concerns you, that it is relevant and necessary. A motivated teacher inspires students.

The atmosphere in the classroom is crucial for student motivation.The teacher plays a central role in relation to the class environment. Some teachers are convinced that students are basically lazy, passive or disorderly and therefore must be controlled. Other, which emphasizes self-determination is more apt to take the chance to give students a significant influence in terms of what should take place at school, so students get the urge and interest to learn.

To motivate students you need to be motivated yourself. When students are focused on the goals they themselves have been involved in formulating, increases the commitment, motivation and development to a new level. A key ingredient for learning is that students feel intellectually challenged. Rewards, punishment, intimidation and other external strategies generating no joy of learning and motivation. Pupils subjected to control responds in two ways; they subject themselves, or they resist. Neither is particularly constructive. 

A good teacher is curious about everything. And you're additionally enthusiastic and eager to share new and old knowledge with others, then you are a good teacher. A good teacher is a good class leader who spend time to become even better. A good teacher is knowledgeable and continues to acquire knowledge while creating enthusiasm among the students to acquire knowledge.

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