Monday, November 30, 2015

Documentary: A Science of Teaching

A Science of Teaching (2015) offers a comprehensive guide for teachers, educators, and anyone else interested in human behavior on how learning occurs at a biological and environmental level.

What shapes our behavior? How do our behaviors become reinforced? What are some useful techniques to help shape human behavior towards acquiring new skills and behaviours? How do we measure human behavior and what is the science behind teaching and learning? These are all questions which are addressed within this film. The film covers many sections ranging from the biological basis of learning, tools for educators, precision teaching and technology in the classroom.

Watch the full film below:


Dr Matt Normand
Associate Professor in Psychology
University of the Pacific

Dr Henry D. Schlinger
Professor of Psychology
California State University, Los Angeles

Andrew Houvouras
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Florida Institute of Technology, Brevard County Schools and ABA Technologies

Professor Karola Dillenburger
Board Certified Behaviour Analyst - Doctoral
Queen's University Belfast

Professor Mickey Keenan
Professor of Behaviour Analysis
University of Ulster

Dr Michael Beverley
Lecturer, School of Psychology
Bangor University

Professor Richard M. Kubina Jr.
Professor of Education (Special Education)
The Pennsylvania State University College of Education

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